Your time is important so we’ve developed a virtual queuing system to revolutionise the barbering industry.

Download the app, choose your barber and join their queue from wherever you are. When it’s your turn you’ll get notified. No more waiting around crowded barbershops.

Our high standards

We aim to make your visit as safe as we can. Our booths have been designed with social distancing in mind and are individually partitioned for your protection.

Our high standards

Every franchise operates under the Barbers@ brand guidelines and standards. And we expect the best quality customer care as standard from our barbers.

Our Barbers

We work with barbers hand-picked from local communities for their barbing expertise and their nice friendly smiles.

Mobile Booking

Using the Barbers@ app allows you to book quickly and conveniently, leaving you free to continue shopping and be alerted when your appointment is due.

Barbers@ - Revolutionising the barber industry. Download today.